Mission Statement

The Office of the Ombudsman at the Miller School of Medicine is a venue for addressing concerns, resolving conflicts, dealing with problems, and providing advice. This resource is available to faculty, residents, fellows, medical and graduate students. The Ombudsman serves as an independent, neutral and confidential resource by providing assistance as follows:

The Ombudsman Role

  • Listens to concerns and discusses appropriate options
  • Helps evaluate those options
  • Assists in resolving problems
  • Mediates conflicts, convenes meetings, engages in “shuttle diplomacy”
  • Refers individuals to appropriate campus/university resources

What the Ombudsman Does NOT Do

  • Adjudicate or participate in formal university grievance processes
  • Determine guilt of any party in a dispute
  • Participate in formal investigations
  • Get involved in any formal litigation or testify in court
  • Conduct investigations
  • Provide legal advice
  • Assign sanctions to individuals
  • Replace the function of any official university office, department or process
  • Maintain formal records of meetings and/or conversations
  • Address any issues related to sexual harassment

Examples of Services Provided by the Ombudsman

  • Helps resolve or mediate a dispute with an individual or group
  • Helps decide how to approach a person who you feel is causing a problem
  • Discusses how to approach an individual who has made an offensive or insensitive comment
  • Assists when an individual is uncertain what University of Miami or Miller School of Medicine policies or procedures apply to their situation
  • Assists when an individual needs advice on which university office or department to go to for an answer to a specific question or to obtain a particular service
  • Helps when individuals feel they have been treated unfairly by anyone on campus
  • Helps evaluate and select among a variety of options to address a concern with a fellow student, resident, faculty member or department