Mission : Principles


An Office of Ombudsperson will be established at the Miller School of Medicine. The Ombudsperson will be appointed by the Dean in consultation with the School Faculty Council.

The Ombudsperson informally assists in resolving conflicts, concerns or problems brought to their attention by University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM) faculty. These may involve but are not limited to issues regarding rights and responsibilities of faculty. The Ombudsperson acts as a confidential and informal resource for information, a mutual communication channel, a complaint receiver, and dispute resolution facilitator. They act to foster communication between members of the campus community, promotes the values of fairness, equity, justice, equality of opportunity, and mutual respect. All inquiries are confidential unless the inquiring party gives the Ombudsperson permission to consult other persons. Services of the Ombudsperson Office will be made available to all faculty of the UHealth community, at all facilities and sites. At the Florida Atlantic University site these services may occur in conjunction with the FAU Office of Ombudsman as appropriate. The Office will operate informally with records kept only as required by University policy and applicable law. The Office will operate outside of the organizational structure of the School in accordance with generally accepted principles for such offices and will be a neutral participant in matters of conflict.